The lending process

1. Meet & Greet

During the initial meeting, which can be over the phone or in person, a Mortgage & Finance Consultant will answer your questions regarding the process and what to expect. You will also be given a copy of our Privacy Statement and Credit Guide.

Each loan application is unique to the Clients situation, so the application timeline will be discussed during the meeting.

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2. Gather Information and Prepare Loan Application

After the meeting you will need to provide a list of supporting documentation. The Blue Sky Mortgage & Finance Consultant will outline what exactly you need to provide.

3. Submission Of Application

Once you have provided the completed list of supporting documentation, the Blue Sky Mortgage & Finance Consultant will provide you a Preliminary Assessment & Credit Proposal Disclosure, which will include recommended lender/s and Product/s. The loan application will then be submitted to the chosen lender.

4. Conditional Approval

Once the chosen lender has assessed the application, the Blue Sky Mortgage & Finance Consultant will contact you with the outcome and any outstanding requirements.

If an upfront valuation wasn’t completed, this will generally be arranged at this point in time.

5. Unconditional Approval

Once all the conditions have been provided to the lender to their satisfaction, they will issue Unconditional Approval of your home loan.

Your Mortgage & Finance Consultant will be in touch with you as soon as Unconditional Approval has been issued.

6. Sign Mortgage Documents

The lender will then dispatch the mortgage documents for signing. It is good practise to review these with your solicitor. Once documents have been signed, they will be return to the lender.

7. Settlement

Your solicitor will then book in settlement, once it has been booked in, you will be informed.  There is no requirement for you or your Mortgage & Finance Consultant to attend settlement. The Solicitor/s and Bank/s will attend.

Once settlement has been completed, you will be informed.

Its now time to take possession of your new purchase.

8. After Settlement Service

The relationship doesn’t end there, you can contact us if you have any questions or if your circumstances change and we will carry out a home loan review.